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We service residential and commercial properties with premier service and 100% responsiveness. Our elite U.S. Lawns team can cover all your grounds care maintenance levels, saving you the hassle of hiring multiple companies for your property's various needs.

Full Service
Landscape Maintenance


design & construction



Fertilization, &

Weed Control.

Snow & Ice


Consistency is the cornerstone of every U.S. Lawns team. That’s why we excel at full service landscape maintenance.

Our horticulture training allows us to add multi-seasonal plants and flowers, making your landscape more inviting to visitors. Let us help create eye-catching enhancements for every season, and trust us to properly care for your plantings at all times.

• Mowing

• Edging

• Pruning & Trimming

• Debris Removal

• Weeding

• Fertilization

• Overseeding

• Core Aeration

Successful hardscaping design and implementation defines space in a way that brings continuity and flow between the house and garden.

Different media for different elements are chosen and integrated to bring about contrasting garden experiences. Let us enhance your walkways, garden paths or poolside patios with high-quality, attractive paving.

Wood, brick and stone, short retaining walls, or taller, free-standing enclosure walls can all be used to accentuate the property's aesthetic appeal and value.

U.S. Lawns is equipped to service your entire irrigation system, including regular inspections, adjustments, service and repairs, spring startup and winterization.

Irrigation systems are essential elements of residential and commercial landscapes. When properly installed, operated, and maintained, irrigation systems ensure that grounds look their best and remain healthy.

Call us to learn more about how we can help provide you with a water-efficient and effective system that will give you a lawn that makes your neighbors just as green with envy.

Holganix is the cornerstone of our "Turf Nutrient Program". Yogurt "Probiotics" for your lawn!! Our nutrient systems make your lawn lush and green all season long. With probiotic programs like Holganix, there's no need for heavy chemical fertilizers, nitrates, phosphates & herbicides.

If your lawn needs a "Renovation" and you don't know where to start, we can help. Our staff can get you headed in the right direction with a detailed plan and schedule. We offer Lawn Core Aeration, Thatching and Overseeding.



  • Ice Control. By pre-treating your parking lots, driveways and walkways, we’re often able to reduce the need for shoveling or plowing.
  • Snow Plowing. With timely service, we’ll be there to clear the way for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • Shoveling. We remove snow and ice from all pedestrian walkways, keeping your family, visitors and business associates safe.
  • Weather Monitoring. As soon as inclement weather strikes, we’re ready to do our part.


Grounds care isn't just maintaining turf, it's maintaining relationships. That's why U.S. Lawns has the only national network of 250+ locally owned offices. That's why your U.S. Lawns crew will be managed by a neighbor; someone who cares about your property and your community.